Smart logisticsOptimal fresh guarantee

VersCombi finds it important to take all your worries about ordering fresh products off your hands. We work according to a controlled process that leaves nothing to chance. All you have to do is order. This works as follows.

Easy order placement

You place your order online at or through For many products you order today before 11 a.m. and you will receive your fresh products tomorrow. Of course you can also order by phone.

Always fresh

Immediately after receiving your order, we place our order with the producers. They provide fresh products and the correct processing.

Quality first

Our inspector checks all products on arrival. Only the products that meet our strict quality standard are accepted.

All in one

During the night we combine all products into complete shipments. All ordered products are delivered to you in one shipment.

Good morning!

Early in the morning our drivers take to the road to deliver your fresh products on time.

Always on time

We deliver your fresh products to you at the agreed time.